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Joe Mack Guitar Lessons 

Learn and have fun doing it!

There are 3 basic ingredients to Joe's lessons. 

        1. Technical, meaning how to get your hands working together.

        2.Theoretical, meaning this chord and this scale go together with all chords and scales              

          being immediately usable.

        3.FUN!, meaning "fun" because if you're not having  any fun while you're learning then              

          something's wrong and why would you want to continue doing it.                     

Joe teaches students from beginners, intermediate to advanced and  has taught students from 5 years old to 72 years old.

 Styles include Blues, Rock, Pop, Funk, Fusion,  Soul and Rhythm & Blues. 

Rates are $75.00 per hour or $40.00 per half hour.                   

I am located in Nahant (next to Swampscott and  Lynn, MA) and teach out of my studio there. 

I also offer one on one lessons online with Face Time and Skype. 

GIFT CERTIFICATES AND PACKAGE DEALS ARE AVAILABLE. for $700.00 you get 10 LESSONS = ($70.00 per lesson). Other blocks are 26 lessons for $1800.00 = ($69.23 per lesson) & 52 lessons for $3500.00 = ($67.30 per lesson). We accept cash, checks or money orders.

Also if you refer a new student you receive a free lesson after their third lesson a $75.00 value!


Patrick Murray 19yr old  Nahant, MA

Now a student at Brown University  Providence, Rhode Island

     I began taking lessons with Joe Mack when I was only nine years old,

having received no prior musical instruction of any kind. I will never forget being asked what kind of music would I like to play, and promptly responding “classic rock”. It was then that Joe told me to ditch the beat up acoustic that I had brought to my first lesson, and head to Guitar Center for an electric guitar.

This was my first indication that I had found an excellent guitar teacher. The fantastic thing about Joe is that he will happily adapt to music that his students wish to play, while simultaneously sharing his own wisdom and vast knowledge of the guitar. Joe’s teaching style consists of a perfect blend of honing his students’ technical abilities while making the lessons extremely fun. Joe implements a vast collection of technical exercises, made to perfect picking and fingering frets in unison, along with building hand and finger strength. By repeating these exercises at the beginning of every lesson, the increase in finger strength becomes progressively more noticeable. Along with this highly effective technical training, Joe works tirelessly to build a students’ repertoire. Not only will he happily teach you any song you wish to learn, Joe is always recommending new songs, taking great care that they will provide you with a challenge without being too advanced for your abilities. I will never forget what Joe said to me after having taken lessons for about four years. Having spent hours learning new songs, improving my technical abilities, and memorizing the seven modes, we then moved on to mastering the art of improvising. Joe’s instruction on this matter went something like this, “Now I want you to remember all the scales you’ve been learning, and completely forget it all.” While initially confused by this, it became clear what Joe was explaining to me. Once I had memorized these scales and particular licks, they were now ingrained in my muscle memory. Joe explained to me that to craft a truly meaningful guitar solo, it is important not to overthink  anything, but rather to let what you already know pour out of you naturally. Looking back at my instruction with Joe, I am extremely grateful for his teaching method. By tirelessly practicing scales and technical exercises, I have been given the freedom to explore the guitar with ease, and allow my original ideas to flow with ease.

Mike Murray  Nahant, MA

I strongly recommend Joe Mack as a guitar teacher and mentor.  My son and I started studying with Joe about 10 years ago.  He has been an incredibly positive force in our lives.  Joe has a patient and adaptable teaching style, a very thorough knowledge of music and a great method focused on modes and learning through playing songs you love. 

My son Patrick has flourished as a guitarist, playing lead player in his school’s jazz ensemble, playing a serious lead rock and blues guitar and earning acceptance to the Berklee College of Music.  Joe got him on stage early with the Joe Mack band and gave him confidence which he will have for the rest of his life.  He’s off at school now at Brown University and continues working with Joe over the internet.

I continue to play and work with Joe, and each new song gets easier to learn.  It is also a real pleasure to have Joe as a friend.  And he plays an awesome guitar.

Rick White  Swampscott, MA

From student Rick White: "Joe Mack is not only an incredible guitar player and performer, he’s also an excellent guitar teacher. I had been trying to learn to play the guitar for years using books and you tube videos and got absolutely nowhere.  All of that changed when I met Joe Mack and began taking lessons from him.  I knew some of the basics and Joe put them into perspective and created the structure to apply them.  He made sure I stayed involved by throwing in new songs along the way so I could see and feel my progress.  It’s been over 4 years and Joe continues to challenge me…not to mention that I get a mini-performance each week that keeps me motivated to become as good a guitarist as him.”

Steve Kaufman  Hudson, New Hampshire


I want to thank you very much for accepting me as a student and teaching me the correct way to play the electric guitar.

I first started playing the guitar in 1973 at the age of 16. I have owned one or more guitars throughout my lifetime and have played music for friends and family since then.

However although I could strum along with the rhythm I was never really able to execute some of the more advanced lead parts in songs until I began studying with you and learning some of your methods and techniques.

I have really enjoyed learning from you and hope to return to weekly lessons as soon as the project that I have been working on is completed.


Best Regards,

Steve Kaufman| Vice President Strategic Business Development
FARO Technologies, Inc.| 1 Wall Street | Hudson, NH 03051
Phone: 603.493.0517
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Patrick Murray & Joe Mack

"Boogie King" - Eric Johnson

Joe & 6 year old Dimitri

He's come a long way in a year!!!

Patrick Murray 13 years old

This is a part of a solo that I wrote for Eric Johnson's "Boogie King"

Student Chris Murphy & Joe Mack Jamming

Check out this great video

Chris is 17 years old

Student Chris Murphy & Joe Mack Jamming

Check out this great video

Chris is 17 years old


"Cryin Machine" - Steve Vai

Patrick & I playing Cryin' Machine by Steve Vai. He was 14 years old at the time

Patrick's blues solo

Check out this great video

Pat, Brian & Me trading 8's, 4's & 2's

This was a special anniversary night with the legendary Brian Maes as our special guest with my student Patrick Murray sitting in and trading 8's, 4's & 2's


Check out this great video